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Side Dish
Garlic Rice Saturday, October 17, 2015
Garlic Rice

My wife Aida taught me how to make this Filipino dish with leftover Jasmine rice and heaps of garlic. I instantly fell in love with it! It's great by itself, almost like fried rice, or as a side dish but with more pizzaz than plain rice. And who doesn't like garlic fried to perfection, right? If you are nodding you're head then Filipino food is for you!

Garlic Rice

Cut the hard brown end off the garlic clove as it's hard and doesn't taste good. Smash the clove lightly with the flat side of your Chef's knife and your hand to separate the garlic from the skin. Peel off the skin and smash it more heavily with your chef's knife to flatten and break it apart.

Garlic Rice

Fry the smashed garlic in a Wok over medium heat. If you don't have a wok, feel free to use any pan you feel comfortable with and is large enough to hold all the rice easily. A wok is nice since the oil pools at the bottom in the cylindrical well, making it easier to deep fry the garlic.

Garlic Rice

Continuously stir the garlic while it is cooking till all garlic pieces turn a beautiful golden brown. As the garlic cooks, it infuses the oil with that garlicky goodness often described as sweet and savory. Make sure not to overcook the garlic as it will become bitter.

Garlic Rice

Breakup the leftover rice in your hand as you are adding it to the wok. My wife says wet your hands and the rice won't stick but I found it sticks halfway through the crumbling process anyhow. You can use fresh rice but my wife swears by leftover rice so I have never broken the taboo, despite my curiosity. Cook the rice till it is warmed and soft again, breaking up the stubborn chunks of rice with a spatula.

Garlic Rice

Serve the rice as a bed for any dish like a stir fry, beef stew or anything with sauce. It also works well as a side dish for fish, shrimp or any protein, but especially seafood in my opinion. It's easy to make and so satisfying that you can even eat it by itself.


Ingredients: Serves: 10

Garlic Rice
  3 Cups Uncooked Jasmine Rice (Cooked but Leftover)
  1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
  1 1/2 Heads Garlic (Smashed)
  2 Tsp Salt

Steps: Prep Time: 20 minutes

Fry Garlic
Fry Garlic in wok with vegetable oil till golden brown. Stir continuously.
Add Rice
Crumble leftover rice into wok and cook till warm and soft again. Break up chunks while stirring and add salt.


Gretchen 10/22/2015
  i have never tasted this dish before and it looks like something I would enjoy. I naturally gravitate to dishes with lots of garlic. This dish would do a lot for a simple pot roast. Thanks.
Response by:   John Mark Osborne
Everyone has leftover rice, right? Instead of throwing it away, bump it up and elevate the entire meal. I'll be serving it with some chicken tonight :)

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