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Greek Eggs Monday, October 26, 2015
Greek Eggs

My brother Matthew taught me how to make these fried eggs and they have become a household favorite. I make them all the time because I always have parmesan cheese in the fridge and oregano in the spice cabinet. They aren't much more difficult than normal fried eggs but they have so much more depth with the nutty taste of parmesan and the aromatic flavor of an herb like oregano.

Greek Eggs

Heat a thick pan on medium. When it is heated through, add the vegetable oil and drop two eggs. Immediately salt and pepper the eggs, sprinkle them with oregano and finally cover them with the parmesan cheese. Turn the pan to low and cover it so steam can build. Don't peek or the cheese won't melt.

Greek Eggs

It takes about a minute or two of steam for the cheese to melt but still have a runny yolk. The steam also cooks the top of the egg so you don't have to flip it. If you have to peek, just lift the lid a little and very quickly so not all the steam escapes. Once you become accustomed to the technique you will know instinctively when the cheese is melted.

Greek Eggs

The end result should be a slightly crispy egg on the bottom and melted cheese on top. The top should also be cooked but still have a runny yolk. Without a runny yolk, what's the point in eating a fried egg? Add a couple pieces of toast and you have a breakfast that will keep you going till lunch.


Ingredients: Serves: 1

Fried Eggs
  2 Each Eggs
  1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
  2 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese
  2 Pinches Salt
  2 Pinches Black Pepper (Freshly Ground)
  2 Pinches Oregano (Dried)

Steps: Prep Time: 10 minutes

Heat Pan
Heat a thick pan thoroughly on medium heat.
Add the vegetable oil and when it is starting to smoke, drop the eggs and quickly add salt, pepper, oregano and cheese.
Wait Patiently
Cover the pan and turn to low. Don't peek for a minute or two so the steam can melt the cheese.

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